Luis Royo and sensuous


Luis Royo (1954), illustrator and painter.

Luis Royo was born in Spain. He studied technical design, painting, and interior design. By 1972 he began painting, exposing his art to new forum. In 1978 he became a comic artist and soon triumphed internationally. Samples of his work appeared in some of the most important magazines of the time and were later compiled into the following books: Luis Royo (Rambla, 1985) and Desfase (Ikusager, 1986).

In 1983 he moved onto illustrations, were he produced his greatest achievements. In 1992 his first book, Women, appears, followed by Malefic (1994), Secrets (1996), III Millennium (1998), Dreams (1999), Prohibited Book 1 (1999), Evolution (2001), Prohibited Book 2 (2001, Conceptions I (2002), Visions (2003), Prohibited Book 3 (2003) and Conceptions II (2003). Along with these titles, six collectors cards series were released, five collectors portfolios, posters, and a tarot card set called The Black Tarot. The increasing popularity of Royo´s images allowed for the publication of postcards, calendars, playing cards, t-shirts, album covers, video games, mouse pads, and even sculpture.

The success of Royo is due largely to the originality of his work, which has broken through traditional barriers and revolutionized the world of illustration. He has a keen interest in fantasy themes, though he experiments with other themes like the western, historic epics, and romance. Setting aside his themes, his innovative style breathes power while radiating a fragile, almost mystic transparency. Royo´s treatment of the human figure, especially his women, endows the body with a soulful brilliance. His use of color, from the most saturated gamma to the most despoiled gray is contrasted with an intense touch of chrome, creating an aura of fascination that invites us to enter his world.



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