Alice Hawkins and flamboyant


Alice Hawkins, (1973), photographer.

“I don’t want to say that I’m an artist because it seems like such a grand title, but I listen to my voice and do things that I like and fuck everything else.” This is perhaps the best way to summarise Alice Hawkins, whose bold, brash approach to fashion photography defies categorisation. For the past 15 years she’s brought her own vision to her images, creating gaudy sets and theatrical eroticism in front of the lens.

As well as these sartorial heroes of suburbia, Alice shoots the great and the good of the celebrity world. But even these icons of popular culture get to play their part in her visual world. “I have my influences I’ve grown up with like Dynasty, Dallas and Beverley Hills 90210, and Gladiators and Pamela Anderson. Some people will say that my photos are in bad taste or tacky, but I don’t care. I never liked what was fashionable anyway.”

She’s not afraid to put herself into the frame either, and has produced an array of stunning self portraits. Some see her crossing Nashville dressed as Dolly Parton, in others she’s embodying the personas of her close friends. In all of them she shows a unique flair for narrative and storytelling that imbues each image with a sense of the sublime.

“I grew up in such a boring little village and then went to such a regimented school that when people express themselves I’m really attracted to it. I love people that make an effort; the old woman in the supermarket with the frilly leopard-print outfit on, that’s who I want to look at and follow around.”


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