Gustavo Díaz Sosa and aimlessly


Gustavo Díaz Sosa (1983), painter and sculptor.

The paintings of Gustavo Díaz Sosa convey his perception of The State, The Power, and anything that involves human submission. More than serve as a social or explicit protest manifesto, Díaz Sosa’s paintings are an existential projection of our looming future, in light of modern history.

 “We are living in an age of apostasy.” This is genesis of Gustavo Díaz Sosa’s expressive universe. Even though the term apostate is usually used to define a person who repudiates their religious faith, Díaz Sosa allocates it to the liberal and solitary attitude with which the contemporary human rejects the historically-established dogmas and stigmas of modern society. He portrays society’s thirst for liberty in a poetic manner. Humanity seems to be shaped at the whim of those in power, but we now live in a time in which we must cut the threads of the puppets we have become.

 In his pieces, Díaz Sosa articulates a lost, anonymous, global, surrendered, and desperate society amid a system which presumes to exist as a Democracy. His characters run aimlessly, looking only for doors or ways past the monumental walls that keep them trapped in their worlds of bureaucratic and established rules. Like sheep they walk in flocks trying to save themselves from the others. This is why Díaz Sosa creates these compositions where the man is miniaturized in front of the laws and the legends implanted in the roots of the human nature. Religion, myths, politics: these are all tools to remember how fragile the human is in the face of Power.


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