Sheila Pazos and wonderland

Sheila Pazos (1986),  fashion designer and digital artist.

Born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1986, Sheila came to Galicia as a teenager. She graduated in Fine Arts in 2009 at the University of Vigo (Spain), and furthered her studies by taking a Master’s Degree in Maya in Madrid (Spain), a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Art, Creation and Research and graduated at ESDEMGA (fashion and textile design) in 2015. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis in Fine Arts.

She has taken part in several collective and individual exhibitions, both national and international, such as PhotoEspaña 2015. Plus, she has won several awards like the first prize at DEBUT 2015 runway (donated by Jesús Peiró), the first prize “Xuventude Crea Moda 2014” (previously known as “Tesoira”), the third prize “Xuventude Crea Moda 2013”, the third prize of “International Awards of Fine Arts” from Deputación de Ourense in 2011 or the grant “Novos Valores 2009” from Deputación de Pontevedra.

She did an internship at Viktor&Rolf, Amsterdam, in 2014 and worked together with Nike on an advertising photography for the November 2013 issue of magazine NEO2.


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  1. primecookie says:

    i want that elephant hat


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