Eugenia Loli and dada


Eugenia Loli (1973), collage and digital artist.

She was born and bred in Greece but has also lived in the UK, Germany and currently California. The popularity of this well travelled global citizen is rocketing sky high. Starting off in the working world as a nurse, Eugenia then took a U-turn and became a computer programmer, which lead her down the path of becoming a technology journalist and a filmmaker.

Eugenia turned her back on it once and for all after creating an animated music video that gave her the knowledge of collaging. From there on she was hooked. Signed her soul over the to the art god and has become a full time collager ever since. With magazines such as Teen Vogue, Glamour and Cosmopolitan knocking at her door, Eugenia’s collages are in hot demand.

For each of her visual narratives Eugenia uses images from her collection of vintage magazines and pairs them with sci-fi book cut-outs to create a supernatural world where aspects of surrealism, dada and pop art are all intermingled and intertwined to produce these creative and humorously titled collages that will blow your mind.

Each collage starts with Eugenia finding a base for the background. From this foundation she layers patterns, figures and objects on top. With each artwork Eugenia lays the pathway for multiple interpretations of the story that is unfolding before your eyes. Jet off to space for tea, watch a giant nudist roam over the mountains or hop onto a windsurf and set sail across the solar system, Eugenia’s collages that she has created as part of The Awesome collection will take you on a trip to infinity and beyond.


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