Yago Hortal and chromatic baroquism


Yago Hortal (1983), painting.

Yago Hortal paints in vivid, sometimes fluorescent acrylics, smearing, marbling, and splattering the material in thick, abstract brushstrokes onto large-scale white canvases that pop with color.

Yago’s work has a strong relation with the painting and the action painting itself. The canvas its part of the performance where the artist creates color forms with any fear of making chances, although, he knows what is he doing. His painting express passion to portray colors with out any limits, the painting comes out the canvas; so it evokes to the tact, it makes desire for touch it: creates sensations.

Hortal works on several paintings simultaneously, responding to the colors both impulsively and with premeditation, and often letting the paint drip down the canvas. “I look for a balance between chaos and order,” he has said, “something like a combination between a chess game and a boxing match.”


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