Martín Vitaliti and comic strip


Martin Vitaliti  (1978), comic conceptural artist.
Martin Vitaliti, studied Fine Arts at the National School of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano (Buenos Aires). Since 2000 lives and works in Barcelona.

Vitaliti work draws not only the imaginary comic but also of their own publications that house. Magazines, pages or bullets are the starting point that the artist manipulates to create his works. By isolating certain elements of bullets and apply different formal resources, Martin Vitaliti is able to maintain the original intent of the author of the comic and at the same time create a new stage for a unique, singular and unrepeatable moment that the characters themselves -Superman Tintin, Haddock … – seemed predestined. An example is the mural of 10 meters where are intertwined all the setbacks and missteps that Hergé drew in the collection of The Adventures of Tintin.

The work of Martin Vitaliti is generated in handling the various elements that constitute the language of comics. Page, the succession of vignettes, as space-time framework that houses a narrative, is the main element involved the artist.


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