Jonathan Leder and erotism


Jonathan Leder (1972) photographer, film director and publisher.

Born and raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Leder attended the prestigious Collegiate School. He began photographing and working in the darkroom at the age of 15. Leder subsequently attended Parson’s School of Design in Paris in 1992, then attended the Florence Academy of Art in Italy from 1996-1996 studying classical painting and art history.

Leder’s photographs transcend the traditional defintionf of porn /fashion/ art categories.  He photographs with little to no artificial lighting, all of the photographs are completley analog and minimal retouching.

He cofounded the erotic magazine “Jacques” in 2009, which became a household name from the first issue. Imperial Pictures LTD Films is A New York based production company cofounded in 2012 by Jonathan Leder and producer Hunter Stephenson. The company specializes in medium length and feature length content, recontextualizing thrillers and chillers for a global digital audience.

Jonathan Leder is also behind Imperial Publishing, an internationally acclaimed independent publishing company specializing in photography books and limited edition erotic collectible art books like  “A Study in Fetishisms”, “Bang!” and “Ritratti”.


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