Wayne Barlowe and futurescapes


Wayne Barlowe (1958), painter and illustrator.

He is a science fiction and fantasy writer and painter. He has painted over 300 book and magazine covers and illustrations for many major book publishers, as well as Life magazine, Time, and Newsweek. His parents, Sy and Dorothea Barlowe, were both natural history artists.

Wayne Barlowe is well known for his realistic paintings of surreal alien (or fantastic) life. His Barlowe’s Guides to extraterrestrials and to fantasy are his interpretations of specific creatures and beings from well-known science fiction and fantasy literature. His Inferno is an interpretation of the demonology contained in the ‘Grimoire of Honorius’. His Expedition is a complex look of the speculative evolution of the fictional planet ‘Darwin IV’.

Since 2007, Barlowe has been extremely busy working on films such as The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Priest, Paradise Lost, John Carter, Pacific Rim and Ripd, as well as some TV spots. In 2009, he traveled down To New Zealand and spent a winter working on The Hobbit.

Barlowe has been hard at work writing a screenplay and doing concept work for his own motion picture project.



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