Katsuyo Aoki and filgree


Katsuyo Aoki (1972), ceramist and sculptor.

Currently, she uses ceramics as her material in her method of expression, incorporating various decorative styles, patterns, and symbolic forms as her principal axis in creating her works.

The decorative styles and forms she alludes to and incorporate in her works each contain a story based on historical backgrounds and ideas, myths, and allegories. Their existence in the present age makes us feel many things; adoration, some sort of romantic emotions, a sense of unfruitfulness and languor from their excessiveness and vulgarity. And on the other hand, they make us feel tranquility and awe that can almost be described as religious, as well as an image as an object of worship.

In fact, the several decorative styles and forms she cites simultaneously hold divine and vulgar meaning in the present age, having an irrational quality that contradict each other, which he feels express an important aspect in the contemporary age in which we live.

Also, the technique of ceramics has a tradition that has been a part of the history of decoration over a long time, and she feels the delicateness and fragile tension of the substantial material well express her concept.



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