Jennifer McCurdy and incisions


Jennifer McCurdy (1955), ceramist.

Jennifer McCurdy’s hand-thrown porcelain is at once stark and elaborate. Natural curves coil and fold effortlessly around each other, creating exquisite spirals and spheres that reach both toward themselves and skyward. In their organic shades, McCurdy’s pieces appear lithe and fragile in their structures but are actually incredibly strong.

As she creates these intricate pieces, McCurdy strives to discover their natural forms as well as find ways to use their negative space while maintaining a robust structure. “Nature does this all the time,” she said. “It’s a good thing for a potter because our material is pretty organic. There’s a need to have certain structural properties to maintain the integrity of the form.”

Given those lithe twists and bends her pottery takes, McCurdy said she is often told that her environment in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, has a direct impact on her work. However, McCurdy insists that her pottery is process-oriented and is not evocative of organic objects



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