Zosen Bandido and spray


Zosen Bandido (1978), graffiti artist and painter.

Zosen Bandido is a creative artist whose work is filled with neon colors and geometric patterns with symbols. The artist creates his proper mythology, flooding walls and canvases with fantastic characters

At the age of 11, Zosen Bandido began to paint graffiti in Buenos Aires in 1989. He moved to Barcelona, Spain in 1990. His inspiration was first obtained through the works of other artists. Although the Internet did not exist at the time, he would travel through neighborhoods to discover new walls and new murals. Sunday mornings were made of Plaça Universitat crew meetings. These meetings consisted of skateboarding, breakdancing, trading fanzines, bombing subways, and listening to music from boom boxes. His crew was part of a very small underground movement. Since everyone knew each other it was similar to an extended family.

As an artist, he has had his fair issues with the law. As he grew older, he would paint large murals even as police were questioning him. Zosen Bandido also wears a mask- not to disguise his identity but rather to place emphasis on his artwork. Barcelona graffiti is colorful and holds freedom.


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