Daniël Ost and floral


Daniël Ost (1955), floral designer.

Daniel Ost is an artist who works with flowers, plants & trees. His floral art was first recognised in Japan where floral decoration has long been recognised as an art per se. From childhood on he has been busy searching to present flowers in a way that makes them convey feelings of serenity, frugality, joy, passion and much more. His flower arrangements are his message.

Daniel Ost has been described as the “world’s leading flower designer”. His creations are floral sculptures. “He takes a form that nature creates and from this makes something that has never been made before. This man’s hands can create anything that his mind can conceive.” is what Cees Nooteboom, Dutch writer, poet and journalist once said about him.

He is passionate about everything he does, he goes beyond the limits to achieve what he wants without compromising. He has travelled 500 km for an orchid. “The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is in the detail”, he repeats.


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