Fawaz Gruosi and diamonds


Fawaz Gruosi (1952), jewelry designer.

Gruosi spent his childhood in Florence with his mother. Driven by the necessity to work but also by his interest in art, he left school at 18 and trained to become a sales assistant with a renowned Florentine jeweler. Seven years later, Gruosi, then still a consultant to the firm, oversaw the opening its store in London and became a director four years later.

He was only 30 when the Alizera family, Harry Winston’s official agent, noticed him and proposed that he become its representative in Saudi Arabia. After three years in that country, he returned to Europe where he was immediately contacted by the Bulgari company. Gianni Bulgari, a mythical name in the world of jewellery, created a new post for him.

In 1993 founded ‘de GRISOGONO’ with two associates, offering customers exclusive works of art and precious jewellery. Since then, Fawaz Gruosi’s unique approach has been proven time and time again, resulting in ground-breaking styles, ideas and approaches that have since been emulated and admired. This has resulted in 22 years of ‘disruptive creations’, namely the art of continually coming up with something unexpected, appealing, original and new.


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