Jeremy Hush and branches


Jeremy Hush (1973), illustrator and painter.

He was born in San Diego CA in 1973. He mostly works in ball point pen and watercolor.

In Hush’s world, we are often corpses, pale and stained on the outside, with gaping holes in our bodies that reveal the inner cogs and wheels of our existence. The living creatures of Nature surround us, perched on our dead faces, living on us but not off of us like we do with them. He really loves 18-19th century illustration and gothic revival architects. Grew up on comics and punk zines. He had always a lot of animals in his life. Hieronymus Bosch has always been a huge influence to his work: he packs in so much tiny detail, and there are tons of hidden things everywhere.

He captures the breadth of colors in earth, branch and leaf, and softly renders scenes of horror in a glowing resplendence. He shows us that while in life we may feast on the corpses of all living things on this planet, mowing them down with our wants and paving over their needs, in the end they will thrive on us, their roots and beaks claiming our bodies as their home.




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  1. Anita says:

    Very talented!! I love this work! 🙂


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