Stanley Donwood and cuts


Dan Rickwood (1967), illustrator and graphic designer.

Stanley Donwood is the pen name of English artist and writer Dan Rickwood. Donwood is best known for his work with the english alternative band Radiohead, having created all of their album and poster art since 1994, often in collaboration with Radiohead singer Thom Yorke. He also creates artwork for Yorke’s solo albums and Yorke’s band Atoms for Peace.

Beyond that, he is now well known for his  graphic landscape linocuts. Printed in just black and white and using linocut to define a linear expression of sea and architecture, often with a dark narrative undercurrent. These are beautiful, dramatic pieces of work that showcase some of the best linocut work.

After graduating from the University of Exeter, Donwood worked as a freelance artist in Plymouth, England. Aside from his work for Radiohead, Donwood also maintains his own website, Slowly Downward, where short stories and various other writings are published.


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