Xavier Veilhan and rendering


Xavier Veilhan (1963), sculptor.

Xavier Veilhan’s sculptural interventions are bold and transfixing, while complementing existing architecture and altering how viewers look at their surroundings. His “Architectones” series pays tribute to Kasimir Malevich’s “Architectons,” three-dimensional models that blend architecture with philosophy. In “Architectones,” Veilhan installed sculptures in celebrated, modernist homes; each work was unique to the setting and placed in dialogue with the building’s architecture.

Paris-based sculptor Xavier Veilhan creates steel and aluminum sculptures that evocatively mimic the look of digitally-rendered images in three-dimensional space. Veilhan’s geometrically abstracted renderings of people and animals coyly refer to the way that digital technologies have rewired the way we see the world. Though they look like they might have been produced by a 3D printer, with cubist diagonals in place of rounded curves, Veilhan’s sculptures are actually hand made.

His work in photography, installation, and kinetic sculpture also showcase the artist’s fascination with abstracted ways of seeing and the physical boundaries of perception.


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