Ryan Schude and the set


Ryan Schude (1979), photographer.

Ryan received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from St. Mary’s College in Northern California before heading to the San Francisco Art Institute for photography. After shooting freelance for a bit and then working full time as a photo editor in San Diego, Ryan moved to Los Angeles where he currently lives and works out of the Forge, a studio just outside of downtown.

Focusing around a conceptual and narrative framework, Ryan blends a fine art background with a more produced look to create multiple stories within each photo. He is very talented, and his images are really creative and stylish. The colors, the atmosphere, the characters, the scene and the whole composition is pretty unique and eye catching.

There’s an barely–contained energy in Ryan Schude’s work, as if an electric current runs through every shot. Whether he’s photographing one person or twenty, there’s always a sense of something Happening, of whimsical action about to occur. And while one can spend serious amounts of time perusing the intricate details of his larger scenes, the big picture is just as rich as the smaller flourishes.



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