Janne Kyttanen and intricated


Janne Kyttanen (1974), sculptor and 3D designer.

Kyttanen was born in Finland. He commenced his design studies at the Escola De Disseny Elisava in Barcelona in 1996, before moving to the Netherlands and graduating from The Gerrit Rietveld Academy in the year 2000. During his studies Kyttanen discovered 3D printing and envisioned a future in which products would be scaled down into digital files, their distribution becoming as simple as downloading music from the internet. Kyttanen’s vision for the future of 3D printing was so clear that he decided to focus solely on creating products using digital technologies.

Kyttanen was the first designer to commercialize high volume 3D printed products including creating the world’s first 3D printed lights, shoes and gradient structures. In collaboration with Jiri Evenhuis, Kyttanen made the world’s first fully functional 3D printed dress in the year 2000. In collaboration with Freshfiber Kyttanen created the Macedonia smartphone case in 2010.

Evidence of kyttanen’s exploration of 3D printing in his creative practice, the ‘avoid stool’ is a copper plated seating object made using the additive manufacturing process to form an intricate, complex diamond structure influenced by lie sphere geometry.


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