Marta Cerdà and letters


Marta Cerdà (1980), typography and lettering.

MARTA CERDÀ is a Barcelona graphic designer whose main body of work is focussed on the boundaries between typography and illustration. At the end of 2008, after working in advertising agencies and design studios between Barcelona, Düsseldorf and Munich, Marta won the ADC Young Guns and decided to found her own studio. She is currently based in L.A.

Since then she has worked on global projects which call for Design, Illustration and Custom Typography for Arts, Culture and Advertising Clients. Her work is recognized by internationally acclaimed organizations such as  the Type Director’s Club and the Art Director’s Club.

For her work, type is a tool of communication and overall, expression. Her interest lies in the boundaries, where illustration begins and typography ends, and the other way around. She is also fascinated by all typographers that find expression at its minimum. Also, by the flexibility that typography has with expression, with the most subtle and poetic thing to the most extreme and abstract thing. She tends to lean towards a more expressive style, through a digital type of lettering, rather than hand written.



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