Tony Kelly and hedonism

Tony Kelly (1975), photographer.

Kelly’s photographs are frequently overtly sexual in nature. He has been described as “irreverent, uncouth and provocative” and “spontaneous, talkative and hyper-energetic”. PHOTO magazine also said his images “play with humour and provocation” and that his “flashy style has conquered the world of fashion”. James Mullinger, Photo Editor of GQ Magazine, described him as a “modern genius” who works “at an incredible pace”.

Though he considers his work to be incredibly personal, reflecting his own style and aesthetic, he’s not interested in making any sort of grand statements. Instead, his key goal is to entertain. He does this through contrast and humor.

His work has been published in Vanity Fair, Vogue Paris, Playboy (US Edition), Playboy (French Edition), GQ, Flaunt, Vanidad, French, El País Semanal, The Sunday Times, PHOTO, Professional Photographer, View of the Times and Edelweiss.


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